Yet the World is Still Beautiful #01 — World’s Worst Mopper

April 5th, 2014


Seriously. What the hell was that? Have they never seen a mop used before?


This began with “EEEEEH!?” and the text of “EEEEH!?” scrolling across the screen, and then a 15 second zoom-out of speedlines over her shocked reaction. Not a beginning that inspired confidence to say the least. It continued more or less in a similar way too, although with fewer speedlnes and text scrolling. It may not have been the cheapest show today, but it certainly gave Corda a run for its money.

The lead here was probably the least deserving of a slap across the tits of today’s shows, but I was still pretty sick of her by the end of the episode. She didn’t get off to a great start either. They’re clearly trying to make her out to be the glorious moonchild type of character that everyone loves and can do no wrong, complete with magical powers making her even more super special, so she’s already custom made to irritate me even before she stumbles into the world’s most perfect family (besides the dead mom, because screw mothers, am I right, Japan?). I’m sure it was meant to come across as adventurous and independent, but begging for food and being helpless after missing one whole dinner, and bitching about being turned away from inns as signs of the deplorable corrupt city society versus her country-oh-god-this-is-every-damn-episode-of-Nourin ways came across a lot more as spoiled and clueless. The ‘comical’ would-be muggers/kidnappers/rapists turned out of fear of her strong female ways was also not something that was executed with any kind of deftness.

But at least they managed to work in some sexual violence to round out a morning chock full of it. Go team.

Next Episode:

Polka dots.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Flip Porter says:

    Oh noez not teh polka dots again.

  • CTT says:

    The manga was actually pretty enjoyable. For once, though, I think I agree with you on this. Passing out after one meal does not confidence make. It would have been nice of the show to explain that her powers burn up her calories or something. And were we supposed to be mad at the innkeeper who wouldn’t let her in because he didn’t want her to be raped? The best attitude to approach this show with is probably a “well, whatever” attitude. Is the protagonist going to be a spunky, do-no-wrong sort of character? Yes. Are we supposed to dislike anyone who insults/corrects/doesn’t give her something she wants? Yes. Because this show was made to force a smile or a chuckle out of you and that’s about it.