Whatever Sumo Matsutarou #01 — More About Me Sleeping

April 5th, 2014


I can’t even make jokes here about naked sweaty men.


I kind of forgot this existed and don’t really care. I left it running as I made the bachelor’s french toast dinner of choice and it was every bit as cheap/noisy/cheesy as one would expect from something tossed up on Sunday mornings in between McDonalds commercials. There was more sumo in the OP I think too than the entire rest of the episode, so it can’t even sell itself on the sports side, just a big sweaty guy being an ass. For twenty straight minutes. Maybe it’s funny if you’re like, Biff Tannen. And yes, there were threats of forcing himself on the one female in the show, because this is our Saturdays now. 

So anyway, after today’s marathon and then spending most of the afternoon head deep in Jast stuff, I’m a little Japaned out and don’t feel like checking back in here for the rest of the evening. There are two shows airing at around 3am my time, three if you count the new edition of Yu-Gi-Oh with hippo riding apparently, and two more at 6:30 am. Two are sports shows for 13 year olds, one is Love Live, which I feel I can already summarize. Here’s a hint, there’ll be a badly rotoscoped dance number and the other 18 minutes will be the girls faffing about squealing at each other about being idols. The final two are at 8 and 830, which I still might not even be awake for. I’ll get to things tomorrow when I get to them, in whatever order I damn well feel like, and kid shows about tennis and volleyball rank below even idol drek in the Aroduc Priority of Things.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anon999 says:

    This is the kind of shit Go Nagai would dream about.

  • The Phantom says:

    Ugly char designs, art, plot, everything about this show is just fucking ugly!

  • Anon says:

    Yeah, this first episode was successful in draw me away to watch it. This “Bad Guy” Line was to perfect… you could build it in Flashbacks or so.. But now?.. No way i watch this kind of ugly Men