No Game, No Life #01 — Suspension of Disbelief

April 9th, 2014


You only get to make up the rules, especially of things like probability, when the audience doesn’t know them.


It started a bit better than it intended to continue, and even then, it was overenamored of bright explosions and zipping lights, the action equivalent of jangling keys on the screen. Or maybe that’s shaky cam. Either way, even if we concede that it was okay, it became significantly less so once the big moment was repeated before two and a half minutes of the show had elapsed.

And then things got stupid. Super genius siblings who are masters of literally all games ever made to the point of getting dealt royal flushes with regular cards… by other people… because that’s just how good they are, a camera that only reluctantly leaves the crotch of the little girl when it absolutely has to whether or not it got a panty shot out of it, and exposition. Oh god, the exposition. They might as well have just slapped you in the face with the Players Handbook. It was less of an info dump and more of just a straight up powerpoint lecture, especially once they got to the world and it decided to slowly pan over a bunch of stills for a few minutes while explaining the world’s history.

Production’s decent enough when the show’s trying, but that’s only about a quarter of the time. The characters I guess could be worse, but that’s mainly because they don’t whine constantly, there’s no weird incestual overtones, they stop screaming around halfway through, and seem even interested in the world they’ve been dropped into. They’re not going to win any awards for creativity though, or for not being hopeless Mary Sues. There’s still been far Sue-ier characters this season though, so I guess it’s all relative. The writing is five nines south of awful in nearly every way but being incestuous at any rate.

I’m definitely not sold on the episode, but Wednesdays are slow and it airs early enough to cover before I go to work, so I guess it’s up to whether or not it’s going to go the route of even stupider ‘games’ than it has already or if it’s going to do something a bit better with its premise. I’d wager on the former personally.

Next Episode:


Two images, one a pan. And it was groping. Exciting.

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13 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • wtfwtf says:

    Loli cameltoe. Always a good start.

    • jingoi says:

      Maybe but does anyone know how generic this ends up?

      • FlameStrike says:

        Surprisingly it’s not generic at all. For one thing there are no fights XD. The characters are a bit sue-ish, but it doesn’t reach anywhere near Tatsuya from Mahouka levels. There are of course some generic trappings, but that comes with all shounen LNs.

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    “who are masters of literally all games ever made to the point of getting dealt royal flushes with regular cards… by other people… because that’s just how good they are”
    But he was cheating. I mean, the sister literally pointed that out. Is this one of your famous Aroduc’s Short Attention Span™ moments?

    On another note, there’s a typo. Should be “win”, not “wn”.

    • il-Palazzo says:

      Yeah, and he didn’t just come out with that hand. He changed his whole hand once. At that time he even reached for the cards himself and the dealer didn’t seem to be paying attention at his hand either.

    • Aroduc says:

      It said drawn once upon a time, then it was 6:45 am, I was thinking in two languages, chewing on a muffin, and rewrote parts of sentences as I am wont to do. Pretty sure I meant shuffled, but in my defense, it was 6:45 am, I spent the morning thinking in two languages, and my muffin was mediocre.

      • Dragon says:

        I’m pretty sure he won because he caught her cheating. Not because he cheated himself. It’s one of the rules of the world they are in. If you catch the person your playing against cheating you automatically win.

        So when he noticed her palming cards he won. That was my take on the situation anyway.

  • elior1 says:

    @aroduc this anime remind me of the one you covred before called problem children which was great

  • anon999 says:

    I bet you two internets that this will be a harem anime.

  • Fate says:

    The first 15 seconds turned me off so much I turned this show off. Whenever a show starts with random internet chatter I just say no.

    • FlameStrike says:

      Ouch, just that one factor is enough to make you not consider a show? You could be missing out XD.

  • Flip Porter says:

    The bloom seems to be strong with this one.