Dragonar Academy #01 — Nocturnal Emissions

April 5th, 2014


I pity whoever has to clean his sheets every day.

Alternatively, in light novel Japan, dragon mounts you.


This episode took a weird turn at the very end. Not time stopping and summoning the naked little girl version of the adult dragon who has been serially molesting him in his sleep. No, that was expected. Taking a time-out from the dragon races and running across what appeared to be the ancient ruins of a spaceship, along with aguy in an opera mask with a gun, and his whip-wielding tiny ninja/tribal girl sidekick, a little bit less so. Shame the rest of the episode couldn’t have been that… fabulous? Weird? Notable? While competent, the dragons headbutting and expositiontastic tour of the school was a bit on the dull side and a lot on the completely unneeded side.

I guess it’s probaby your standard semi-passable fantasy LN thing, but with dragons betwixt the thighs. And on top of them. A tad (read, very) generic in many a ways, right down to the generic friend giving exposition about the entire school and stand-offish princess our hapless protagonist immediately clashes with, but still does enough to keep them from being totally irredeemable cookie cutter by the numbers this probably needed some commas piles of sludge. The ultra-formulaic harem ED does not make me feel great for the future though. He got a few points for if not exactly causing a multi-dragon pileup of bitchy girls, not feeling sorry about it. It’s not going to take home any prizes for impressing at the Dragolympics though.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    It was very entertaining all along, I liked the char designs, the visual and slightly the plot, which makes it a winner combo for me.

    SO LONG male lead does not start whining this is a must follow.

  • Yue says:

    [center aligned comments]
    Brings new meaning to Oppai Dragon.

  • Atmo says:

    I’m waiting warmly for the uncensored tentacle scenes. KAI made a great job in the manga.

  • Zuben says:

    OMG that End theme was so boobtastic, it would act as a floatation device.