Brynhildr #01 — Go Mathletes!

April 6th, 2014


I’m tired of math now.


Good lord. Give the internal monologue a goddamned break. I get it. The girl’s dead (unless she’s not) and you feel bad. I don’t need to hear it every two minutes, either directed straight at me or being told to other characters either. Given the big shot of him sobbing his eyes out in the OP, I have a feeling that being a sad sack is his sole purpose in life. Its love of flashbacks about people dying certainly points to that. He’s also kind of an imbecile. “I was warned I’d die if I did something incredibly stupid like walking down a remote, slick, cliff-side road in the middle of the night during a deluge, but let’s find out what’s going to kill me.” And we know he believes her because he just spent a paragraph saying that he does, he just needs to see firsthand how he dies and he’ll deal with the aftermath of dying later. As for why he believes her? Hell if I know. She read the weather report and that’s good enough to tell the future apparently.

So the characters are a banana and a half on the side of barmy and the ‘plot’ was too obsessed with dead kids and mother/sister figures to get past what was already shown in the promos so it’s not moving with any kind of agency or excitement either. The production certainly wasn’t helping matters either, although I don’t know what there was that they could have spruced up anyway. There’s a new student, she and her unseen friends can see the future, and she also has super powers. I’ve seen bloody pre-OP expositional dumps over maps that cover more ground than that, but I guess that wouldn’t cover harping on about dead girls and being good at math enough.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    The intro was absolutely spoilerific, it was borderline ridiculous when most of the plot was spoiled in the opening, it was not even hinted, it was outright spoiled all together.

    Other than the OP, it was a good show, this is however giving me Shikabane Hime vibes, and is the opening fault.

  • Flip Porter says:

    Well have yet to see the anime but read the manga. I genuinely wanna see ya keep this series only for your opinions xD.