World Conquest #11 — Return of the Padding

March 22nd, 2014


Can’t rush to the conclusion by actually doing anything after all.


Who is A-1 to buck the trend of shows badly and transparently padding themselves out? Besides some truly random, and I mean Pope of Babylon random, the episode was basically just the baddies pissing around, doing baddie things. Stringing naked people up and taunting them, smoking cigars, molesting stuffed animals, etc. He held a press conference just to rub his feet on it and rant about it. Sure, that would have probably livened up Bush’s speeches if he ranted to a stuffed animal about terrorism, but it doesn’t exactly strike the tone of “Big Bad.” I guess that’s why Dumbface had to then just give a giant explanation right after that. What is it with this season and evil fathers destroying their families this season? Is it “Neglected Sons” Year in Japan or something?

Anyway, pretty much all this episode accomplished was saying that things might happen next week. To make sure there’s as little tension as possible though, they’ve already shown Whose-Her-Face in mid-escape and they’ve apparently decided to revive the whole “cigarette smoke is eeeevil” thing, but this time, it’s serious. Make of that what you will.

Next Episode:

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