Unidentified and In-Progress #11 — They’ve Given Up Too

March 19th, 2014


Good to see that I’m not the only one.


They go on a ‘date’ but not really because the obnoxious third wheel is squeaking the whole time and Chesty finds out that Dogboy has a scar under his emo haircut. And maybe it’s her fault. And then they disappear. Angsty cliffhanger up to ten thousand! My money is that it’s just from their mom dragging them back home for some leisure time with peanut butter. Maybe it was obvious. I wasn’t really paying close attention. The time when they just randomly stopped by an amusement park out of nowhere simply for the sake of a montage was the sign where it was clear they had just stopped carring, and who am I to argue with that sentiment? 

I really did consider ranting about E&L, but thinking about it and beginning to mentally create a list of every translation error and how you can tell that they’re the sign of broken processes on top of a total lack of quality control, but that was just making me angry and depressed. Let’s just start and end with “They grossly mistranslated the choice you get every single time you return to the atelier.” And that’s one of the things that couldn’t have been caught by a simple Python script whipped together in about 3 minutes.

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One Lonely Comment

  • Flood says:

    The ending to this episode was so ham-fisted it was ridiculous!

    Really? The cliche drama of the two of them packing it up and heading back to the mountains followed by the inevitable get in the car and let’s drive to his house so I can tell him “my real feelings”. Again?

    Ahh… WHY DO WE LIVE IN A WORLD OF RECYCLED CLICHES?!? And not just any cliches, but bad cliches. Are humans really so unimaginative and vapid that we have to succumb to the same old stories over and over again?

    Just ONCE (once), I’d like to see a show like this end with a mass murder or something less obvious.