The Adventures of Poindexter #23 — RIDE THE DUCKIES

March 18th, 2014


I only have sarcasm left for this season.


Good god. Do we remember what the cliffhanger from last week was? Because it took them half the episode to get to it. They spent an entire minute just explaining how boring and lame Poindexter is, followed by giving him a third of the episode, during which, he reiterated how lame he was. You had me convinced that he wasn’t worth watching months ago, show. You are not going to turn around and pull “We’re being boring on purpose!” with any degree of success, although following it up with yet more not-fighting between Klarion and Harry. At least they put a modicum of effort into the other fight. Not much more than a modicum though.

That brings us to the second half where it was right back to a whole whole lot of nothing and once again, the game of “spot the random crap the director is focusing on to try to cover it up.” Ogreboy just carried Moron off, everyone met up to have chatsies by the duckies, and they learn that the astigmatism in Blondie’s eye is a chunk of LSD that sends her on a naked, glowing space journey to discover that Natsume’s not as dead as previously assumed by basically nobody. A truly shocking development that I’m sure nobody could have ever possibly seen coming.

So basically, the second half was “they left the room and then got high” after a first half mostly about Poindexter talking about how boring he is. Fan-tastic. 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    Hey – you’ve got to admire Poindexter – he was the one who was smart enough to stick around so that he can take Blondie home while she is still high on drugs and won’t remember what he does to her the rest of the night!

    • FlameStrike says:

      Dang I never thought of that. Combined with his invisibility spell no one will ever suspect him!

      Aside from Poindexter going ON AND ON ABOUT HOW BORING HE IS I think the rest of the episode was entertaining enough. I liked the Jin vs Scarface fight. Now if only we could have more of that and less stalling! This series has as much stalling as friggen Shingeki no Kyojin!

  • kenuran says:

    Oh boy. An episode about Milhouse. And it only took 23 episodes for him to do something.