Nourin #10 — Gnomes

March 14th, 2014


1.) Collect underpants. 2.) ??? 3.) Profit!


Another one of those ill-fated attempts of the show to mix together especially bad maudlin drama and comedy. They even invented a dead mother for it. Because that’s what Walmart does. It kills your mother. I don’t even think anybody even read the script and somehow got one of the old marketing bits confused with this one. No sooner than there was a declaration about how it wasn’t appearance or price that sold things, they spent about seven minutes using an entire squadron of teenagers flipping their tits around, special packaging, so on and so forth. If you think back to the last time we saw Walmart pop up as the big bad but switch Walmart’s behavior with the behavior of the little guys, you’ll basically have the second half of this episode.

Granted, to their credit, they did let Walmart win in every way, which might have been more interesting if they did it with a tenth the wit of when South Park did it with Starbucks fifteen years ago, but that just leaves us with a schtizo episode. At first, the man is so evil that he kills your mom and produces seemingly great, but actually crappy eggplants, but then it turns out that the best eggplants ever from a store that they tasted earlier in the episode, were just… I don’t know? Fake great store eggplants with the real great store eggplants over there.

But hey, at least it was something to talk about besides its continued woeful attempts at humor and character assassination. That’s a step up. 

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