Noragami #10 — Little Boys Getting Mounted By Beefy Dogs

March 9th, 2014


Now with extra stock footage.

Reminder, if you’re somewhere that ‘celebrates’ Daylight Savings, everything effectively airs an hour later now. At least the Japanese broadcasts do. God only knows what western netcasts do.


At least the angst arc is over. I can’t say I’m thrilled with what it’s been replaced with though. Fighting some scorpions off-screen? How exciting. There was probably at least one scene of “Yato and Yukine are buddies now so can fight super awesome, guys!” coming, but it was almost as much stock footage as it was actually waving the little boy around at various scorpion parts barely poking onto screen. I’m not enough of an optimist to assume they’re saving up for a big battle either. 

It’s probably also that most of the episode was just dicking around waiting for something to happen again, and what wasn’t had a disproportionate amount of straight up exposition. By the time they moved beyond that to wolves and scorpions, there were only a couple minutes left in the episode, so it was obviously going to be either padding plus a cliffhanger, or an abrupt anticlimactic end. They went with the second.

Next Episode:

Amnesia or something.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Fucking little angsty blondie is still in the show?