Nogarami #11 — Amnesia For Everybody!

March 16th, 2014


Great. Because I bloody love amnesia.


Well, at least they put a little effort into animating the action this week. Not that it carried any weight because it began with an utterly ridiculous back and forth that I’m sure was meant to come across as mysterious, but basically boiled down to “You?” “You!” “You!” “YOU!” And setting up my favorite of all Japanese storytelling chestnuts, exposition about the past. Because God help us if anybody ever have any reason for doing anything that isn’t built upon some ancient grudge or destiny. Oh, and Yato also has the darkness within. So, you know, that’s another reason to want to slap this show with a particularly smelly fish.

But at least we got to end the episode with a really insipid bout of storytime recapping the last arc and about how they’re all friiiiiiiends. And I’m sure this amnesia thing will totally stick too. Ugh. Give me a bloody break. Perhaps we shouldn’t spend so much time wailing on about it and pissing around without actually doing anything but wallowing in misery, eh? Your characters are not the touching, emotional, melodramatic-creating engines that you seem to think them to be.

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