Narrowly Avoided Being About Tentacle Monsters #09 — Insecurity Part A Billion

March 5th, 2014


Narrowly. And I regretted it the moment it reminded me of how the last episode ended.

Half because the tentacle monster game began (unsurprisingly) with an overly long info dump and sex (good god, mix up the formula at least a little, you lazy bastards), and one part because I then got distracted with putting things into motion last night. Which is sadly not a euphemism for playing “Slay the Ferret with the Vibroblade.”


Were the background artists off this week their kids’ birthday or something? There was a severe proliferance of those awful flowery generic Powerpoint backgrounds and at least one moment where the were standing in the middle of a street valley like they were walking to school along an asphalt motocross track. God, I don’t even know what to say. It’s not doing anything with the ‘comedy’ it hasn’t already driven into the ground months prior, and the ‘plot’ that otherwise drove the episode was nothing more than insecure finger twiddling. Also not a euphemism. All this over what they once acknowledged as little more than a mobile chunk of balsa wood in both personality and awareness. Ugh.


Next Episode:

A much higher chance of tentacle monsters.

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  • firecow says:

    What tentacle monster game/show are you talking about?