Kill la Kill #23 — Making Vivisection Boring

March 20th, 2014


Now with even more goddamned insert songs for no reason.


I briefly considered going all out with the sarcasm, but I only got as far as noting that this episode ends with literally the exact same cliffhanger as last week, Ryuko and Satsuki transforming and flying off to fight Ragyo. So what did they spend the time on this week? Mako and yet another set of costumes for the Job Squad to beat up generics with. Or maybe they’re old costumes with a black palette swap for extra darkness. I don’t want to go back and check. You can tell how great they were by all the stills they then got. Which was kind of weird juxtaposed against a rare bout of actual non-looped animation, not that it had anything to do with what Ragyo was ranting about though.

That’s about where the animation budget ran out again though. Ragyo’s main power seems to be an uncanny ability to never actually move. That and recycling the same three or four shots of her that they’ve been using since her introduction. And then Mako jammed an entire ship up Ryuko’s ass with the friendship power of apparently every random character in the show to date. And friendship makes Ragyo mad! Not enough to actually move, mind you. Just enough to glare and then leave so that we end exactly where we began, but now in her true form, a priestess outfit with nipple tassels, because it’s been an allegory for Christianity all along.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anon999 says:

    This is just plain ridiculous now.

  • Sanjuro says:

    It’s a good thing about those new costumes. They only have to paint the figs of the old ones black and they can sell them again.
    Only one more week then my cringe muscles can have a rest.

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    It could be worse – this could have been a year-long series. Just imagine (the horror) of facing another 26 episodes…

    This could have been a fairly good 4 OAV farce.