I Forget My Pithy Title For This Show #13 — Checkbox Checked

March 7th, 2014


Because this show wasn’t content to go off into the night without a few more horrible cliches.


When it began with a shrill little girl going on about her onii-chan, I groaned. Then someone offered her an apple and for a brief moment, I hoped it was poisoned and they’d be doing some Snow White thing. It was not. They did not. This episode made me think of Infinite Stratos’s second season of all things in how they couldn’t think of really anything intelligent to do so just said “here’s a bunch of brief completely unconnceted skits for each girl in turn.” Surprise, surprise, they all end up naked, and then naked again, all while Raul treats touching breasts as a bunch of women beg him to or even just eying naked females like it’ll give him dickrot.

If you want to do some kind of fanservicey bonus episode, then service the damn fans. What’s really sad is that’s probably what they thought they were doing, but I can’t imagine anybody at the end of the show came out of it saying to themselves, “You know what this needed? A shrill little sister, childhood friend character to shove all the rest of the characters into a corner whilst being shrill.”    

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One Lonely Comment

  • Well, they finally got Lore into a bikini. So it’s not all bad.