Yada Yada In-Progress #08 — Sig Heil MCool

February 26th, 2014


The end of this episode made me want to throw it against a wall.


And I feel like they’re giving Kobeni far more credit for her chest than she’s due. I guess at least they tried a little more with the visuals this week than most, but far, far too little. Everything about Blondie remains just awful and this is something that barely has enough meat on it to fill half an episode now stretched out to like… three. Probably more. On that old wonderful Japanese shlock cliche, the misunderstanding heard from around the corner fueled by unbelievable amounts of stupidity and insecurity.

And yes, the last five seconds of the episode are the only bloody thing in it I feel are worth mentioning. What else is there? The weird muted rooftop scene? The five hundredth iteration of Benio making frustrated noises? Mashiro squeaking about food? Maybe next week I’ll just install some random game, play it for an hour, and call that a post.

Next Episode:

No, it’s neither an E cup nor a love comedy.

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  • Eric says:

    I always enjoy your videogame posts.