World Conquest #07 — Dance 2 – The Revenge of the Dancing

February 22nd, 2014


I still don’t understand why they thought they needed two episodes for this.


I have no idea what this episode was trying to do, but I suspect the answer is just “waste time.” It certainly wasn’t trying to be funny, and it was still far too stretched out to be interesting or exciting. I guess that would be an improvement over last week’s cliche-ridden “No really, we know it’s bad so that makes it funny” except that the only real joke this week was recycling the stupid dance. Even that took ten minutes to get there though. All that was accomplished in the first half was tossing some garbage in the pool and doing a little dance. And then they go to Narnia. For about three minutes.

And the grand plan of Blondie that they spent much of last week dancing around? Forget that. Instead, let’s just gas the place and toss a bunch of grunts in to fire from off-screen. Only animating some black mist around the borders and light randomly shooting around pretending to be bullets is much easier on the budget than just about anything else. And just as quickly, the dark power of whatever disappears again, her remembering nothing. The end. Great arc, guys.  

Next Episode:

New member of the White Supremacy group.

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  • anon999 says:

    God, this episode was boring.