World Conquest #04 — It’s a Ball in a Cup!

February 1st, 2014


I feel like an opportunity was badly missed here.


Having Captain Bland carry a sword and kitting them up like RPG parodies to walk through a magical dungeon all for just one sight gag… one montage sight gag… in a primarily melodramatic episode, just feels like the show is taunting me. Of course, I’ve also begun taking it as a personal slight whenever Japan tries to use flashbacks and the characters speaking directly to the audience/audience substitute, either overexplaining what they’re already showing, or explaining what the visuals are failing to show, in lieu of any actual present-time development.

So you can probably guess about how the episode went and just need to fill in the blank with which character (it was the bra girl/scientist), plus or minus some incredibly awkward CGI pseudo-dandelions. Japan does love their horrid formula. “Problem exists. They walk somewhere while reminiscing/giving exposition. Problem solved. Cue melodramatic music, light bloom, and everyone smiling.” Luckily, in this case, at the very last minute, they were attacked by a seething nightmare of the past. Otherwise, they might have had to skip the melodramatic icing on the melodrama cake.

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    @aorduc incoming 10 aniversary season of precure start today where the girls beat the monsters by dance