Tokyo Ravens #17 — Merely a Fleshwound

February 4th, 2014


What does this episode have against limbs?


Thus begins the second week (at least) where all I remember of the previous is “some guys that aren’t the protagonists had punchies.” Well, I do remember that one of them was secretly not a guy too, which I’m not entirely certain how leads into the crazy guy who’s spent the last 20 minutes (or more?) sulking in a corner to suddenly go on a dragon-hungry craze. So perhaps, I guess, my point is that this episode could’ve been better contextualized. Also, while the budget did see a significant upswing this week, it’s still far from impressive. It probably gets a bye though just from the first two thirds of the episode being more or less non-stop action with only a few eye-rolling moments now and then when he froze time to channel his inner expository monk to… use pretty much the same magic as everyone else, but smaller. Luckily, they explained that it’s super special or it would have just been silly.

Still though, if every episode was like this, I’d have a much warmer feeling all around toward the show. I particularly liked the musical direction during Natsume’s reveal, although the fanservicey visuals were certainly doing their best to undermine that moment. It did need a bit more of a budget and more of a lead-in relating to the characters, especially if they were going to end the whole thing with Spinny-Hair being huffy. Although saying they ended it with that is a bit misleading. That’s just the last time we saw the main characters. It actually ended with about 4 minutes of dour people standing in a line while a cello player abused his moment in the spotlight.

Strongest episode for this show in a very long while regardless, advancing a number of things actually involving the main characters without (yet) going on for ten minutes about each little detail and, while I hesitate to call it an action packed first two thirds, they at least kept the obvious padding to a minimum, something certain other shows with much bigger budgets could stand to learn. And now no doubt back to a few entire episodes of padding.  

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    So, Old-Guy-with-Fan got “downsized”… Goes to show you, the old rule still holds – if your boss is younger than you then your time with the org is limited…

    And as an added bonus, if the Boss now promotes the Redhead he then meets his Bonus Target for having a female exec…

    Ah, the little things that they don’t teach in Management classes…

    (And to think that I used to watch anime in order to get away from the reality of Corporate Life…)

  • anise_punter says:

    It just occurred to me that this series somehow got the green-light originally as a light novel despite the title having only two words as opposed to nineteen or thirty. Wonder how that got by the editors.

    “‘Tokyo Ravens’? Are you sure you don’t want to go with ‘My Little Sister Is An Onmyodo User And I’ve Somehow Become Her Shikigami?!’
    “She’s not his little sister.”
    “…your point?”

  • Vin says:
    who is he remembering at that time?
    this series have a little fight scene and while trace it in previous eps i don’t know whose spell he copy?

  • Fate says:

    It will make sense later do not worry.

  • AlmostThere says:

    I guess in the next 7 episodes they’ll cover the next two novels but , ehi, after that point they need to come up with a decent anime only ending, not another half assed FMP / Regios / kind of breakpoint.
    I mean, the LN just entered the 2nd phase – no sign of imminent closure – while the anime sold close to 0 BDs so far, so no chance of a 2nd season