Noragami OVA #01 — Highschool Girls Are Easy

February 16th, 2014


You’d think the giant antlion on the soccer field would mean a delay of game or something.


Well, at least it was a break from Yukine acting out. I can’t say that much of the humor worked all that well though. The vast majority of the jokes are just “Yato acts like himself… but in Hiyori’s body! Also like a whore!” And that upsets Hiyori! That’s like the absolute bare minimum for any kind of comic body-swap setup. And then Tenjin and company hit on high school girls. Which is supposed to be funny, I guess? Cause old man and lesbian crushes on older women? When Jubei-chan pulled that, they had a married, chainsaw-riding, limberjack ninja write love letters in Portuguese. At least that managed to cross the threshhold for bizarreness instead of just riding out a bad cliche.

And then Yukine hit him with what appeared to be a shoe.

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