Noragami #07 — Vomiting Moths

February 16th, 2014


Maybe it’d be less annoying if they stopped enabling him.

Apparently there was an OVA episode of this out a couple days ago. I’ll get to it after Wiz Bars. Or maybe before. Who knows!


Complete padding episode. Characters gave exposition, waffled about their feelings, wandered around from point A to point B, Yukine acted out by trying to steal a damn box of small change of all things, Bishamon stroked her pussy, Nora stalked things, convenience store moth was summarily dispatched once they remembered that it existed, the end. Yawn. Total progress on any front was juts about nothing.

Nothing central driving anything. No characters actually doing anything. Just a whole bunch of learning things of little worth for maybe the future but probably not in the traditional Japanese expositional sense which requires copious flashbacks and at least one participant in the conversation to echo back “Eh?” or one of the words from the conversation in an incredulous tone.

Next Episode:

Yukine continues to act out.

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