No Ragami #08 — Yukine is Angsty – Part Seven Thousand

February 23rd, 2014


It sure doesn’t feel like I’ve seen this episode before.


Holy balls am I sick of Yukine. It feels like every episode for the last two months has ended with Yato crumpled up in a ball due to Yukine throwing yet another temper tantrum while Hiyori gives him a disapproving look. Wash, rinse, (quite literally) and repeat next week. At this point, I’m convinced that it’s only going to end when the show ends, and since there’s next to no reason for it besides “I’m a teenager who nobody understands,” I have no doubt it will end with some insipid hug or moral speech about friendship.

This episode was just yet another one of those with only a slight escalation on the formula, moving from cookie throwing and shoplifting to breaking windows. I can’t wait for the arc where he starts sniffing glue and doing helium whippets. The only bold move forward it took was by reducing the monster of the week to be even less of an entity than a moth trying to run away. Congratulations, guys.

Next Episode:


The power of angst continues to angst.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Dave Baranyi says:

    If the previews are telling the truth the Fatman and Bobin Angst Arc shouldn’t last more than one or two more episodes.

    But that’s as far as I bothered with the manga, so we’re both going into the last couple of episodes cold…

  • The Phantom says:

    Yukine going full demon and getting his ass kicked is the best thing that can happen to this show, hopefully he will disappear from the show to never show up again. Shitty characters are shitty.

  • O-(-'.'Q) says:

    Yukine’s story arc should last 2-3 more episodes before it segues into the Bishamonten arc (there’s a bit of bleed-over). Getting there is admittedly a bit of a chore.

  • Catz says:

    Return to dandy space