Kill la Kill #18 — Insane in the Membrane

February 13th, 2014


At least there was only some Mako.


So, Kill la Kill, are we here to fight or talk this week? And with a resounding cry came back “TALK!” Even when Frieza finally hauled her ass off the crucifix she had spent the first 10 minutes of the episode pontificating and watching the Job Squad continue to job, and/or reset everything that ‘happened’ toward the end of last week, they missed the mark by just being silly. But that’s pretty much all in the second half. If you skipped the last minute or two of last week and the first 10 minutes of this week, the cut would be almost imperceptable. Yeah, yeah. It did improve significantly after that, but not enough and still falling prey to the same old corny cliches that it’s been beating its head against for nearly the entire run.

The brain enslavement, which I guess is the figurepiece of the episode, could have been cool if it not for a number of things, but primarily the corny brain-centric visuals, explaining it, Ryuko almost immediately just yanking it out because protagonist powers yo, and that this is about the eight or ninth time that a character has instantly defeated an army of mooks. You’ve bled that stone dry. It’s time to find another one. Preferably one that doesn’t involve protagonist power up ’cause I believe! Or really, any lesson coming from PaRappa. Same goes for antagonist power cause it’s not the last episode yet! My annoyance with Japan trying to sell character menace through awful one-sided fights where a character suddenly becomes utterly incompetent and helpless is a battle I doubt I’ll ever win though. It was especially bad this episode though, particularly when they tried to put both Nui and Ryuko on both sides of it. The transitive property of power levels is crying.

And the heart ripping is even less jarring when it’s the third or fourth ‘dramatic’ ‘death’ ‘finger quotes’ ‘addiction’ of an episode after crucifiction, vivisection, beheading, and anything else I may have forgotten were all shrugged off as juvenile hijinks. Particularly for the main character this far from the ending. They could have at least used one of the Job Squad to maybe sell the idea that they’d kill someone and have it stick for the seven days before resetting it like usual, probably by having Mako hug her.

Next Episode:


Dripping water, chest heads, and the Job Squad.

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14 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • V1cious says:

    “Ryuko almost immediately just yanking it out because protagonist powers yo”

    I love this, because if she hadn’t done it you’d complaining that it was another generic Satsuki/Ryuko fight.

    • Aroduc says:

      Yeah. It’s one of the things I’m known best for.

      Complaining about a part of a show that I held up for months something they did a great job on.

      That really burns my gullet.

  • Sanjuro says:

    I don’t get the hype the show is expecting me to feel when the big four are getting ready for their big fight. I don’t think they’ve won a single fight.

  • Taco says:

    “Ryuko almost immediately just yanking it out because protagonist powers yo”

    This is not at all protagonist powers.She could only do it because of the stuff they explained at the end.

    I feel like “you were the result of twisted experiments involving evil magic clothing” is meaningfully different from “cause I believe!”

    • Aroduc says:

      Then what does being the moon child of yore not cover? What are they not allowed to yank out of their ass that she has the special ability to do?

      Because once you step down that road…

      • What? says:

        You really don’t see the logic in having Ryuuko be resistant to the mind controlling powers of the life fibers when she’s the same kind of inhuman creature as rainbow lady? It would be fairly reasonable for her to do any of the shit she does as well. Like surviving apparently fatal wounds. That was pretty obviously the point of ripping out her heart too, it wasn’t ‘oh no! She’s gonna die!’ but rather ‘Wow, she’s really not fucking human is she?’

        Given that we don’t know what the limitations for the aliens are, asking what she’s not allowed to pull out of her ass is a bit like asking what a jedi isn’t allowed to pull out of his ass with the force. Nothing? Why is that a bad thing? Did you get really upset when the emperor started shooting lightning bolts cause they hadn’t shown that shit yet?

        • Well... says:

          By that point they’d already shown that the Force could influence the course of torpedos and give Jedi spider-sense and choke people and throw objects around so I don’t know that electricity is that much of a stretch. We don’t know what the rules are in KLK because there basically aren’t ever any or they’re dropped in right before or after something happens that necessitates them.

          Kill La Kill operates on basically the same logic as a Roadrunner cartoon where the coyote paints a tunnel on a rock wall and the roadrunner runs through it, then the coyote tries to follow him and hits a wall, then a truck comes out of the tunnel and runs him over. A series of logical reversals that generate unexpected results without respect to prior logic. Except dead serious, and thus stupid.

        • What? says:

          You forgot mind control. Yeah jedi powers totally not just whatever random shit was convenient at the moment. Mind control > telekinesis > lightning bolts is so very logical. I must have been the only guy who wasn’t EXPECTING someone to shoot lightning by that point. Oh, but they can’t fly (despite lifting things that weigh dozens of times more than a body, and pushing bodies around as well.) I am sure some incredibly frustrated star wars author somewhere has written detailed explanations on that shit in an attempt to make it seem less like completely arbitrary bullshit.

          Lightning wasn’t much of a stretch because there’s nowhere to stretch from “‘CUZ MAGIC!” Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If anything, life fibres are more grounded since their abilities are generally restricted to changing shape, animating, or fucking with the human nervous system. (Hammerspace for an arsenal of missiles notwithstanding.)