Tokyo Ravens #16 — Now Featuring Some Random Guys!

January 28th, 2014


With extra beard!

There was apparently some kind of bathpocalypse this week when it came to DVD specials, covering Machine Doll, Freezing, and DxD. I… think I’ll just leave at that and move on.


It’s never a good sign when I think to myself “What happened last week again?” and I have honestly no idea whatsoever. What luck too that the first half was pretty much just nap time. I’m well aware that I’ve made my frustration with the main characters just sitting around being talked at for ages now well known, but good god, people. Do something. Doooooooo something! Anything! Preferably something more than answering ugly cell phones that have giant ribbons which disappear at more than six feet.

Of course, all the excitement was in the last third, featuring such heart pounding combat moves as “CGI not-robots shrug off beams” and “old guy walks out of the way of a slow moving energy blast.” That last one is usually reserved for 20 seconds of explaining that there is an energy blast coming and there’s no time to move, so kudos to them for taking a bold new approach to fight scenes. We could go easy on the old men using fans coquettishly too. It’s probably best not to read too much into his flirt-target there being only disguised as a man but actually a teenage girl either.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Is cool that they at least show some action, unlike some other shows which don’t even try, I seriously was NOT expecting that guy to be that girl in disguise, seems like out of place.