Tokyo Ravens #15 — Eec Danold: Home of the Bag Eec

January 21st, 2014


Can’t be worse than poutine.


More characters? Really? You haven’t even used the ones that you already have. Not that I particularly want to see an arc about the female that doesn’t have drill-hair or ‘crossdress,’ or Four Eyes, but there’s still at least half a dozen other characters above and beyond them which have also been introduced and then left to rot. At least I know one of the new ones’ names, Takiko. But I only know that because they kept bloody going on about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if 5% of the episode turned out to just being about her name. She otherwise sets herself apart from everyone else by using boku. Don’t get too ambitious here on character designs, guys.

Otherwise, not much. Some might call it a setup or transition episode, but that really is no excuse for pretty much just being them shuffling around aimlessly. You can learn a valuable lesson about friendship or pride or not eating yellow snow and set greater things up, you know. Although I’m not sure what or how many ‘greater things’ this show might even have left in its pockets. Aah, how far we’ve come from orally fixated girls dressed like street walkers eviscerating magical girlfriends and then being strangled by their undead brother. In entirely the wrong direction. 

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11 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    Well that Justice League War movie thing leaked. You gonna watch it?

  • jingoi says:

    torrents, my only weakness!

  • anise_punter says:

    “how far we’ve come from orally fixated girls dressed like street walkers eviscerating magical girlfriends and then being strangled by their undead brother.”

    You made that scene sound way more interesting than it actually was.

    • Aroduc says:

      There’s nothing I can do to spice up Iteration #7 of “They walk around and get told things.”

  • watanabe43 says:

    No Kon love in that OP :(

  • FlameStrike says:

    Blargh, the new OP is so much worse than the old one. I mean seriously? Recycled footage is one thing, but the images don’t feel like they match the pictures. It’s like entirely the opposite of the first op. In that one the animation and the song flowed together so well.

    As for the episode… eh they ALMOST do something, but not really.

  • Catz says:

    “The Lands of no one cares”

  • Coincidence says:

    Oh, man, this is so stupid:

    4eyed teach: “No guys: it’s not Saotome Ryou, but Saotome SUZU”
    baka MC: “Shock! SUZU?!?”
    – day after –
    4eyed stud: “What’s with you, baka MC? Is there something on your mind”
    baka MC: “Well, I just realized that pedo-sempai’s name is Suzu too”
    me: “LOL?!! I mean, isn’t SUZU a fairly common name in Japan? :D”

  • AnimeBook says:

    Tokyo Ravens is very cool ^^ but i lose the last episodes LOL, please don’t spoiler me XD