Tokyo Ravens #13 — Almost, But Doesn’t

January 7th, 2014


The rallying cry of padding.


Boring boring boring boring boring episode back. It’s lucky it’s on Tuesday against a Kishi show (I’m getting to it!) and nothing else. The whole episode would be like one big blue balling except that I find it hard to believe anybody might buy any of their threats to have anybody do anything. Harutora almost gets a clue, but doesn’t. Natsume waffles about telling him, but doesn’t. Various people talk about things happening, but they don’t. And there’s all the flashback clips too, just in case it wasn’t already obvious by the rest that the episode was stuck in a holding pattern.

But luckily, that one side character’s feeling kind of angsty. That’s sure to drive things. I think they’ve also been taking lessons from Shaft over the break what with all the corny text cards at ‘dramatic’ moments. I… guess it livened things up and showed a little more of the director giving a crap than usual, or maybe the animators just went home early and they needed to stretch things out another 30 seconds or so and couldn’t find any fitting clips from the flashback pile. 

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fate says:

    The relationship between moron and Natsume will be resolved in a way soon. The payoff for this series is coming.

    • kenuran says:

      Yeah. At the end of the season where the show will bust out its status quo crap where it looks like something happens between Moron and Natsume cause Moron figures out the Hokuto thing but it really means nothing cause they act the same way around each other as always. Blushing constantly as ever.

      Holy Moses are we really going into a side arc about goddamn Milhouse? Hes been about as useful thus far as Toji, who has also done almost nothing but stand around and look like hes gonna do something useful but doesnt.

  • The Phantom says:

    That indeed sounds like a death flag for natsume, anyway this is the ONLY good thing airing right now. This new season surely is shitty.