Silver Spoon #Whatever — Inappropriate Urinal Behavior

January 9th, 2014


These horses are disturbing. As is that guy.


Well, it’s different from what I remembered of the first episode. Better too. The moron hasn’t improved. He’s still the same thick, moronic dullard as before. There’s just about 50% less him announcing to the audience that he’s a thick, moronic dullard. They also seem to have traded most of the farming stuff for what passes for relationship drama in Japanese media. It still uses noise instead of wit for its humor though and the animation budget hasn’t reached mediocrity either. I couldn’t even say what was going on with the faces in the first half, or montage of animal butts for that matter. I can’t call it stylistic because that all but disappeared as the episode went on for your more standard speedlines and overexaggerated facial expressions.

I’m still not going to make one of my ever-rare partway pickups, but it was an improvement over what I remembered of the first episode of the first season. Too much still relies on the gag of NOW I HAVE MADE A LOUD NOISE in lieu of punchline, setup, dialogue, flow, etc. And seeming to take the trend of many a noitaminA and noitaminA-like show that began its first season being some about some random interest, otaku, music, farming, etc, and then veering into hemming and hawwing and insecurity and misunderstandings over relationships for months. I’d sooner take my chances with the horny lesbians. 


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Altough there is nothing seriously wrong with the show, its moving and a snail pace and the male lead is an imbecile, I wont stomach 12 episodes of this garbage in order for the male lead to finally confess, and then pretend it did not happen on the third season.

  • algorithm says:

    “It still uses noise instead of wit for its humor”

    You’re not trying to make me pick this back up, eh?