Sakura Trick #01 — It’s Lesbians!

January 9th, 2014


It’s very lesbians!


I had to go back to check my notes and yep, the reason this looks like Hidamari Sketch’s normal-faced/bodied clone is because it’s that second-chair Shaft director from all the things they like to pretend don’t exist. He’s not quite as good at it though, especially with the CGI. Entirely too often, I felt like my eyes were swimming a little bit because the characters were moving through extremely angular hallways that weren’t moving at quite the same speed as they were. Luckily, the characters don’t actually move very much, and more often than not, it’s just the camera focusing on their crotches or breasts to bounce, so he obviously learned all he could from Shaft. There was one moment at the very end which showed an even worse understanding of physics than Magical Warfare did which they decided to blow apparently half the budget on for some reason. Not really sure what happened there.

I was going to comment on them for not being shy about the whole lesbian thing, but I think that may be what they’re hitching the entire ship to. “Want to see some girls kissing? How about some fluttery skirts? Jiggling tits? We got it all!” It’s all very obvious, yet attempting to be coy T&A, at least until right around the halfway point where they kissed for half a minute, one pushing more and more of her tongue into the other’s mouth as the other moaned and struggled until collapsing beneath her out of breath. Well, and I guess the OP where most of them are naked and sporting the usual pair-of-olives-through-a-cocktail-umbrella figure.

So no, I would not call it a vehicle to serve the humor, which was a bit lacking. It’s all based around them being cute and socially awkward and fumbling around and whatnot, but it’s not really any of that. My dinner’s ready now. I may say more after I eat, I may just move on. Ahem. I didn’t find it all that funny. Part of it was that it really didn’t bring anything besides tongue wrestling new to the table, the other part is that entire too much was just “She’s insecure! And she’s being especially shrill for this statement!” I wouldn’t be surprised if you could strip out most of the ‘jokes’ just by giving it a different color palette and lowering the pitch of the voices an octave or eight.

Next Episode:

Other lesbians.

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8 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Kitsu says:

    A new age is begun!
    A age of FREEDOM!
    And all the world will know that 300…ah whataver, i just too excited.

  • yuri-san says:

    ^ AGREE!
    Yuri age! best age!
    Studio DEEN has just saved the anime.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    The LBGT will be PLEASED.

  • Longhaul says:

    who needs undertones

  • redpanther says:

    Because typing lesbians is much easier than typing yuri.right?

  • Rincewind says:

    Slice of Life with yuri and not just subtext.

    Fantastic first episode. Very cute!!
    Yuu voice is adorable!!!