Saki #ERROR_OVERFLOW — The Montage Show

January 5th, 2014


So, uh, every antagonist set gets a corny splash background then?


Even though I didn’t finish the first season or the offshoot thing, I’m pretty sure that I could make a pretty good guess at how things go. I could, but I don’t need to, because the first and second half of this episode may as well have been called “Montage of This Season’s Antagonists,” and “Remember All The Characters From the First Season?” If not for about two minutes of the protagonists in the first half to break things up at around the seven minute mark, it would have been a ten minute montage. And then before two more minutes have passed, most of them are naked and rubbing themselves on each other. But they didn’t even stick with that either, so I don’t even know what they’re doing. I don’t think Nodoka’s tits are even that rude anymore.

Suffice it to say, I do not feel like they’re trying very hard. Or trying at all. There was a short montage of them walking to the building for god’s sake. At some point, someone in charge thought that this would be a good idea, although I imagine it was probably because when they got the script back from the writing department, it was about fifteen minutes short of a full episode so had to start thinking about getting really creative with the padding. They didn’t succeed. I also remember thinking that the spinoff thing seemed pretty poorly animated compared to what I remembered of the original and this continues that trend. I guess they have to save up for all those CGI tiles. 

This did nothing to draw me back, and getting Nodoka a working bra probably hurt more than helped because I can’t even make jokes about that anymore either. I don’t know what this episode was supposed to do but it didn’t. Not that I think my opinion on this matters at this point. If you’ve gone all 50+ episodes or however many there have been so far, I don’t think a few montages are going to put you off now.

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  • anise_punter says:


  • nightshadow2239 says:

    This sure was a nice ending to your marathon of episodes no?

  • jingoi says:

    huzzah, the anime where girls don’t wear panties because men don’t exist.

    • Longhaul says:

      That one doujin where Kyoutaro gets his existence erased because he became aware of how the females dressed.

  • elior1 says:

    @aroduc this episode was only for us to see the new characters rivals and remember the old cast in case pepoles forgot about them.nothing more then this

    • Aroduc says:

      If you ever feel the need to inform me of something I already explicitly wrote again, don’t do it three times across two different posts. I probably won’t delete just two of them next time.

  • elior1 says:

    @aurdoc i dont know if you know but those who watch the show never care about the chracters they more fan of the superpower majong