Nourin #03 — Abuses of Nylon

January 24th, 2014


I’m pretty sure all clothes in Japanese media is made of skintight nylon anyway.


I’ll never understand Japan’s obsession with dark blue nylon. And no, not even after the ten thousandth time one of them starts yelling about how it’s every man’s dream either. Not even when it happens bloody three times in one episode. Frankly, I think that, and the obligatory teacher bit, was just in there because they got to the end of the episode, realized they were two to three minutes short, and had already sent the VA who does the cow-girl home for the day so just got a couple random staff members to rant incoherantly.

Granted, Ringo vs… The Character Who Just Looks Like an Apple is a pretty thin premise to spend an entire episode on and after the first joke of “nothing bothers her”… last week… I don’t think that it got any funnier after the fifth iteration of it. Prickly leaves don’t bother her… but do bugs? Okay, no. Bugs don’t bother her… but does chicken smell? Okay, no. Chicken smell doesn’t bother her, but do roaches? And thus did we fritter away half the episode. Plus some more exceptionally topical references. Toriyama and more Death Note, huh? They should probably pick either indifference or rivalry with Ringo’s character and lean hard in one direction or another.

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  • kenuran says:

    Isnt there a Sunday Without God OVA out now? I think it was added on to the last BD volume as an episode 13.

    • Longing says:

      I feel the real question is this:

      Who would waste their time watching a Sunday Without God OVA?