Noragami #01 — Suddenly, Banana!

January 5th, 2014


He just suddenly had it the entire fruit basket. And then the apple was a banana…


All I could think of during the opening segment was “It really sucks when you’re being bulled by a gigantic magical lamprey.” Which did help because the ‘fight’ there was a tad pathetic. The action later wasn’t nearly that half-assed if still ruled by the force of brevity above all other values. I’m not sure how many points the lead female gets for spontaneously channeling the spirit of Hulk Hogan either. There’s also the traditional Japanese desire to make sure an anus is placed on any animal they need to draw. Perhaps it honors their ancestors. And as long as I’m listing petty annoyances, don’t forget the teleporting fruit bowl/morphing banana thing in the hospital.

I guess my point is that a lot of the episode doesn’t seem to have a lot of thought put into it and it turns out a little spastic. It never takes itself particularly seriously, so there aren’t any real tone shift problems, but it’s certainly trying to have wacky shouty Jump-level punchlines while also trying to be a really really generic action show with a side of creepy darkness or something given the contrast during the designated fighting times. I have the very distinct suspicion that it’d be far better served to lean one way or the other, although I’m also not sure either way would work because then it’d be even more formulaic than it already is. It sometimes works out okay when the visuals and noise of them shouting are actually working together, but most of the time it falls more into the category of just noisily shouting, in audio or visual form.  

It’s all just so very generic and by the books. Yeah, formulas become formulas for a reason, but what’s this bringing to the table? What’s it doing particularly well? I’d say it’s probably a little more competent overall than NobunaGun and certainly has more of a budget to throw around, but it’s just really unambitious. It’ll probably end up being okay and it’s harmless, but I simply don’t see what there is about this episode that was supposed to excite for the next one. 

Next Episode:

Another neon six legged creepy crawly.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    Other than being generic, I found nothing wrong with it and that is already a big plus.

    I need more episodes before I can tell if this is going to be a borefest or not, but the first episode was good.