Kill la Kill #14 — Meat Tank

January 16th, 2014


I swear that was an NES game.

Let’s do things backwards this week.


I don’t understand what the point of this episode was. Well, I do. It was to pad out an episode and try to unring the bell by making the jobbers out to not be jobbers by throwing a whole bunch of jobbers at them to unceremoniously and effortlessly defeat due to having bigger power levels. I think that if you cut out the sub-job-squad’s taunting about how great they were, the episode would have probably been at least eight minutes shorter, perhaps more, and that’s not even counting the job squad going “nuh-uh” but taking entire paragraphs. Basically, it was an episode that did not carry any weight that was trying very hard to reset the designated losers to not be losers anymore.

But luckily Ryuuko was there for, I don’t know, about three minute to show that she learned… absolutely nothing once again. Not that I particularly wanted the angst arc I was expecting after an entire angst episode, but yet again, we have an episode that seems to end with her completely smashed and humbled only for it to be basically forgotten by two minutes into the next one. At least the slightest trace of awareness couldn’t hurt.

Next Episode:


Overuse of yellow.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • anon999 says:

    I’m not sure what was the point of this episode was. All I know is that someone is going to make Ryuko do an ass pull later in the series. No pun intended.

  • algorithm says:

    This show has reached the point where Mako is now the best part of it.

    Mako, not giving a fuck about any of this bullshit.