Kill la Kill #13 — Now Entering the Emo Arc

January 9th, 2014


At least male Mako is gone.

Both the idol shows tomorrow (ugh… both) air later in the morning, so no coverage before work.


I’m all animed out for today after six episodes and this episode was bollocks. I feel a little bit snippy. Ryuko spent basically the entire thing moping in bed while sad pianos played. When she finally hauled her ass out (to a goddamned insert song no less), she lasted about 30 seconds of loops scissor on scissor on black background stills before Sparkly-Face one-shot her because she didn’t believe in herself anymore! But since this is… the third time I think? that she’s been publicly humiliated and utterly crushed by an opponent to end an episode, I expect about the same thing to happen as the last two times. Which is to say nothing, unless we’re simply going to extend the angst arc. I can’t even tell which I’d prefer. God forbid she grow or develop in any way. Oh, I’m sure she’ll get a new costume design that lives on in this ribbon or something, same as the entire rest of the cast. Bitches got figures to flog and fan-art to fuel after all. That probably counts as character growth as far as Japan is concerned.

The rest of the time was split between setup despite still not having really used the characters they have , and everything boiling down to “let’s discuss how great the fights eight weeks from now might be,” and the other half being the adventures of Mako and the ‘new’ character, who was basically male Mako. So you know I was all about that. All the rambling about who was more powerful and dreadful than who and what grand plans were in motion that we might see sometime in the future were being haunted by the ghost of Saturday Night Fever, so I had the feeling that Trigger realized they were a tad on the dull side as well.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Serpit says:

    Why do the furigana in #30 read “Ryuukiin”? <_<

  • algorithm says:

    Trigger super power : animation budget stretched thin. They really should have aimed for one cour, SHAFT I can understand but here this is just sad. Trying to patch everything with crap jokes and noise sure doesn’t help.