A Love Song For a Certain Pilot #01 — The Platonic Hug of True Love

January 6th, 2014


Jesus, Japan. How terrified of kissing are you?

D-Frag doesn’t even air until an hour after I’ll be at work, so I’ll get to it once I get home.


I’m well aware that this wasn’t going to be an exciting show about aerial dog fights, but I wonder if the people who made it are since that’s what they tried to use as a hook for the episode. Check out these ‘exciting’ dog fights! Planes! Shooting! Now let’s spent about 15% of the episode watching them take off and land. Oh no! Wind! PANIC! Whew. That was pretty exciting eh? Now be lulled by some twangy guitars, mediocre shots of landscapes, and a couple teenagers reenacting the scene from Titantic on bikes.

I can’t even give it any points for romance either since it kneed itself in the groin through the traditional Japanese method of the characters all being pansies. They already weren’t off to a great start with the main lead being unable to go three minutes without throwing a temper tantrum in some way, but they might have pulled it back a little bit when the love interest was introduced because she’s a whole new level of awkward in every way, even some hilariously out-of-place over-animation, and makes his sins look minor in comparison. Like I said though, after channeling Rose and Jack and getting into a big ol’ somewhat romantic wet straddling scene after the animators tacitly marked her as the greatest female in the world, including but not limited to stars in her eyes, instead of kissing her, he gives her a pansy platonic hug and will no doubt waffle around about his feelings for the next three months despite what the ED seems to think.

I guess if you’re in for the traditional Japanese romance, it’s maybe sort of there, even if you’re slapped in the face with it using a 20 ton sledgehammer. It takes its time getting there though and is pretty bloody boring along the way. Even if you’re a hardcore junkie for it, I’m not sure the 15 minute buildup to get blueballed with a platonic hug will tickle your itch.   


Next Episode:

There are some swarthy men here.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    What an awkward girl, anyway I will only stay because it seems this is going to be a murderfest, and hopefully awkward girl or screamy girl will bit the dust soon.

  • Fate says:

    This should turn out to be a tragedy hopefully. Only way it can be good. This season is not looking good so far.