Yozakura Quartet #13 — Grown Men Throwing Rocks

December 29th, 2013


What a thrilling way to end it.


Ye gods, the first eight minutes is almost just one continuous torrent of verbal diarrhea from Enjin with him throwing some random energy and other things at Akina. Then he started throwing rocks, which is apparently his ultimate attack because it took out Akina almost immediately and required one of the many side characters that I can’t really keep good track of to show up and use his monk powers to punch rocks for a while. I don’t think there was even one serious attack against Enjin, just a couple of half-assed rocks tossed at his head before the cavalry arrived in hospital bed/witch broom version to cart Akina off. Fight over. Climax finished. Time for Kyousuke to get Juri’s crotch slammed into his face. The end. Well, besides the still-continuing OVAs…

So no, it was not a particularly good ending. I guess they sort of wrapped up Lila’s stuff, as poorly handled as that’s been, but the Akina/Enjin ‘fight’ was kind of pathetic and reeked of them running out of time and still having a few pages worth of nonsense that they somehow felt needed to be spewed out. At least it was animated I suppose, but needed to have a hell of a lot less drivel over the top of it and a lot more of an actual fight instead of just standing there and taking it from Team Protagonist.  


Final Thoughts:

The first arc wasn’t bad, if had a bit too much of a focus on goldfish and slugs as the go to monsters, but the second arc ended up far too slow, stretched out, and with decidedly unsatisfying conclusions to both the Enjin and Lila sides of it. Not surprisingly, it’s a bit of a pale imitator of the OVA made by the same people, which still had their own issues mind you, without the same budget to throw around and a lot more time that it feels the need to fill, either with random pool episodes or just stretching things out a whole, whole lot.

It’s still an above-average action show mostly for the strong central cast, (and ignoring how low the average is) but there’s plenty of room for improvement, especially in the field of just keeping things moving. If you don’t like light hearted action though, this sure as hell isn’t going to change your mind. It’s better than the first iteration in production and direction overall, but you only need to look as far as the first OVA set to see that there’s still a whole lot of room for improvement on just about every front, but especially in the ending.

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