Yozakura Quartet #10 — The Sick Episode

December 11th, 2013


I question the efficacy of Japanese rural healthcare.

I’m going to try to catch up gradually. Part of having four holes cut into your side with cameras jammed into them for a few hours and then one leaking assorted fluids for the next couple days is general malaise and fatigue, so while I’m functional, concentrating well on anything for greater than about 30-45 minutes at a time without feeling like I need a nap, and/or going at least 8ish consecutive hours without actually taking a nap is something I’m still working on. I suspect this will probably color my posts for a little while as well.


Oh? An entire episode about people being sick? How sympazzzzzzzzzz. In a way, it’s impressive how they took two different approaches to it and couldn’t find a way to make either interesting. At least I’m assuming Juri was at least feverish because while I can think of many reasons someone like her might be sweaty, sprawled out in their underwear, asleep in the middle of the day in a public place, a fever is I think the only one Japan would be able to handle without their collective head exploding. I probably prefer the excessive and overt sexualization of Juri writhing in her scanties, mouthing at candy, before launching into a flashback that I can only see the possible eventual significance of because I know the future. And yet it still seemed like largely a waste of time that I highly doubt will have the impact they’re really not leading up to. It should be obvious anyway just from how many times they said SISTER in the last 30 seconds/preview for next week with Whose-Her-Face flashed all over the screen, but usually, you should try to establish your reasons to care about a scene ahead of time, especially for flashbacks pulled straight out of the colon.

Anyway, first half was Hime being sick and pretty much absolutely nothing unless you count a thirty second exchange of "Some grumpy old people think it’s best for all if you quit being leader." "Is that true?" "No." All the while, a bunch of teenage girls rubbed their sexual organs on a bald old man, sometimes in anger, sometimes not. Apparently any excuse will do. At least her flu wasn’t played up as the bubonic plague which is the traditional approach in Japanese media. Juri just slipped into a long flashback dream about believing in yourself, where a flashback within a flashback woke her up just in time for the episode to end. We’re getting goddamned Inception in here.


Next Episode:


Witchy little sister.

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