Unbreakable Machine Doll #11 — Awkward CGI Dragons

December 16th, 2013


At least it’s not a metaphor for sex. …I think.


Well, it sort of started out decently, but then it ran head first into the brick wall of exposition with all the grace of a half-eaten penguin on rollerskates, featuring that old personal favorite, two characters standing rock still in a room, staring fixatedly at each other unblinkingly, for nearly three straight minutes. And no number of shots of walls, however few, is going to make that exciting. That was followed by more shrill squeaking which has fast become this show’s trademark. Well, that and difficult-to-see fights in the middle of the foggy nights. Or in caves. Why is everybody incapable of fighting anywhere that’s well-lit? Oh right. The budget. Or maybe they’re all vampires.

It tried to pick things up at the end again, but clearly didn’t have a good idea how to handle a giant awkward CGI dragon. It was clearly the fight they put the least effort into this week, and none of them were all that impressive. Aaaand it all was pretty much just yelling out their feelings too. At least KickMaster showed up to kick things for a little bit, but ending in the pretty much the exact same way as this episode began with little ground covered except some feelings being yelled fails to excite. Aaaand every time he begins droning on in obvious time-padding villainous monologues, his threat rating gets cut in another half. Nobody likes a chatty Cathy guys. …Except for seemingly all of Japan. Sigh…

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Fate says:

    I thought this episode was pretty good actually. This arc has taken forever and needs to finally resolve itself.

  • algorithm says:

    The dialogues are just awful. They must be trying to outdo KnK in this department.