Unbreakable Machine Doll #10 — Squeaky Females Squeaking

December 11th, 2013


Why don’t they make noises like actual humans?

I may or may not get to one more show tonight. Pudding-hunger is creeping in and it’s about time for my shuffle-slowly-around-the-room regimen which usually ends in staring dazed at e-mail for half an hour before another shuffle and sleep.


I remember saying last episode that I wouldn’t remember anything but the dragon nuking things and Henriette being a suicidal joke character, and lo and behold, it came true. Whatever they thought they were getting at with her shrill pitched screaming at him through the first half, they weren’t. Sometimes, I also like to fantasize about what this show would be like if the director had instead tried to make all the females sound like females instead of like shaved chihuahuas being rubbed against helium balloons. We can take it down an octave and they’d still be piercing. I still honestly don’t understand what the point of her existing even is. They’ve already introduced more than enough characters, declared them important, and then had them vanish off the face of the planet. The ED reminds us of two of them every week. Couldn’t we think up some thin excuse to use one of them to keep the number of shrill Japanese voice actresses employed to whine into a microphone to a reasonable minimum?

I think this is also where the director’s been concentrating his time and effort instead of that show about air conditioners. The fight was still about a minute and a half short of actually being exciting though, to say nothing about having any real tension or setup. Just some guy jumping in, sparring for 30 seconds, and jumping back out again. Better than nothing (or at least better than the flashback which was had similar structure and setup and point just before it), but like much of the drawn out affair that is the standard light novel adaptation, just a biiiiiit lacking in agency. At least the butler is bitchslapping bitches and more than holding his own, keeping him from being as ridiculous an attempt at final (sub)boss as many other things I could name. I look forward to be exceedingly disappointed on that front next week with the ‘cliffhanger’ ending this episode of the fight just beginning.  

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Is this 12 or 24 episodes long?

  • dororoninpo18 says:

    i think its 12 episodes

  • algorithm says:

    Raishin has a fiancee. You know this is super important because this is the only thing the girls will remember.

  • Atmo says:

    MAL says it’s 24 long, so a huge number of readers of the half-translated manga will be very happy if this is true.