Kill la Kill #12 — Just Blow Up the Moon

December 19th, 2013


It worked for Dragon Ball.


All the greats make their appearances. Counter-effective flashback jammed into the middle of a fight, cut aways constantly, bad loops as action, and Mako. Goddamned Mako. And her goddamned hug of solving everything. At least Giant Golden Ape Monster Ryuko did look pretty well dicked up at least. On the other hand, she slapped the ground a couple times, and then spent pretty most of the rest of the time doing little more than glaring, bleeding, and exploding from a great distance. They put some more effort into it once Satsuki started fighting her, but that lasted all of about 90 seconds and still involved entirely too many “explosions from far away” before the obnoxious “Mako’s friendship saves the day!” ending.

Don’t misunderstand. It’s certainly a huge step up from… uh… most of what the show’s done so far, especially for the past few weeks, and certainly a step in the right direction if they can at least keep up the 90 seconds of decent non-loop corny ‘fighting,’ but all the same problems it’s been fighting for a long time are still here and “has a monster form that needs hugs” is something I feel like I’ve already seen or will see half a dozen times this season, so I’m a bit… weary of it. Making Ryuko’s father into some kind of super ninja who sliced out Whose-Her-Face’s eye was probably not the best characterization for victim. If they wanted to show Ryuko going crazy, then maybe we should have focused on that instead of the long cutaways to talk about it. And Mako… I just hate Mako, and every time her huggings and feelings of friendship save the day, especially with twangy guitar accompanyment.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Atmo says:

    It’s not over yet? Oh, nice. But no.

  • dororoninpo18 says:

    she hugged someone whose blood was boiling. how is mako not dead?

  • algorithm says:

    This thing is far more tedious than it should be. At this point I don’t think the show provides any worthwhile reason to keep watching it.