Freezing #24 — More Naked Psychic Rambling

December 20th, 2013


It may as well have been a hug.


You know an ending’s really well thought out when the only thing characters do is stand there. “Don’t worry, protagonists. You just chill. Random side character’s got this. And we’ll kill her too, why not?” I’m also getting real sick of the naked metaphysical conversations. Pick one, Japan. They’ve either lost all control of their facilities and have gone berserk, or they are all god-children capable of telepathically communicating through sparkly nudity and hugs. No more of both. You have abused the privilege enough to have it taken away.

There’s not a whole lot else to say. There’s some powering up, a ‘subtle’ remix of the OP in scream-o-audio, a beam, some naked psychic time, and then Chifon explodes in a shower of sparklies, which isn’t enough to stop her from going on a psychic journey traveling around saying goodbye to everyone. The end.

Final Thoughts:

Just like IS, a big step down from the first season, which was already mostly just dumb appeal to the base desires of sex and violence, for a lot of the same reasons. About the one thing it did better was to make Kazuya completely extraneous to the show, but excising the bad isn’t quite the same as doing something right. Instead of new characters constantly being thrown in to keep things fresh, this dialed it down to about three in grand total, removed the vast majority of the conflict between them, and then padded, padded, and padded. While the first season had fights or at least face-stepping almost every week, unimpressive as they may have been, this managed like… four, and most came at the very end; completely half-assed affairs where it didn’t even matter who won or lost and neither side really into it. I’m not even sure I could tell you now how it spent its time before the poor abuse arc. There was that brief fight demo and… uh… a lot of Liz’s breasts?

If not for the middle short arc about Bridg being raped and abused, the supposedly main characters may as well have not even bothered to show up at all, leaving the question of who it was about. Amelia, I guess? But she certainly wasn’t really developed or focused on enough to carry things either, particularly not with an awful ending where all she did was float there, scream/groan, shoot a beam or two, and then die. That’s not an antagonist. That’s like… a snorlax?

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  • Speedyshadow says:

    Well, koreans do love their drama, especially Im Dal Young. All the series he’s made always include drama in it whether it’s good or bad. His only good series is Unbalance^2
    and that series is pure drama.