Freezing #23 — More Being Screamed At

December 14th, 2013


You’re trying my patience with this more than usual this season, Japan.


The first season’s ending arc had a Nova pop up, brain rape a bunch of cannon fodder and one notable girl, then invade to go after… something. I forget what. Here in comparison, we have Amelia mutate into a quasi-Nova and just scream. And scream. And keep screaming. And then scream some more. I think she might have been glacially drifting in some direction too. Maybe this was her plan all along. Just to yell at them. I guess maybe she’s also leaking glowy versions of herself, but they’re vulnerable to gun-haver, so a couple stills of them stabbing cannon fodder fails to excite.

‘Luckily’, Bridg was there to go berserk because otherwise, “screaming and slowly drifting in a direction” would have been all the action in the episode. And of course, the only way to reach her was to go on a metaphysical journey into her soul to scream her name repeatedly. Not even a magical healing hug. I especially appreciated the massively censored moment of Doofus imagining what might happen if he failed. I had to rewind just to understand it because all I saw was giant splashes of black bouncing around the screen.

But the real question is: “What was the girl doing in the shower?” Hasn’t the alert been going off since like… this whole thing started?

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Silentbrick says:

    Wait….Aroduc has patience? This is a trick question right?

    Actually he must have patience to be able to watch some of these shows.

  • Mesousa2877 says:

    So, it’s basically the BloodRayne film.

    You know, the one where she screams a lot.