Date a Live #13 — “Catch the Catch”

December 5th, 2013


What kind of game is that?

There’s also some manner of Blood Lad… thing… that I may or may not watch and may or may not cover depending on my mood after I eat. I’m kind of animed out at the moment, and I’m writing this part before even starting this episode.


Yeah. This is what I was clamoring for. The damp blanket to get her own date episode. And as a bonus no less. I find it hard to believe that she was the fan favorite that people wanted to see more of. Buy our DVD/Blu Ray! There’s… a special Origami episode. Maybe they’re trying to tank sales. They don’t even have the wafer-thin plot excuse for the dates that the girl might go crazy and blow things up if he doesn’t shove his tongue down their throat. At worst, she… becomes maybe slightly more of a bitchy damp blanket. What a tragedy that would be. I think even they knew it too, or at least that’s how I’d explain the montage of low res video game violence against her. I’m at a loss to explain the half second of what was apparently two player Arkanoid though. It’s just kind of… there. Apparently scene transitions are hard. So is remembering that Arkanoid is one player.

Anyway, feh, says I. Obviously aimed at Origami fans, of which I doubt the existence of, but not even really effective at that past maybe the dog bit and even that’s being more generous than the episode deserves. It may have gotten a point or two in the Aroduc Standingstm just because I watched a particularly woeful episode of Infinite Stratos just before it. If you can’t manage the same, just huff propane for 40 minutes to kill slightly fewer braincells and get a better high.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Show should be better without silver haired girl. My interest in this special is directly proportional to the amount of imouto yandere time, which is none and so I wont even bother with it.

    …Probably will watch it later anyway *sighs*

  • jingoi says:

    Too much tohka, severe lack of yoshino without clothes.

  • YouKnowNothing says:

    ugh… Not enough Reine.

    However, not a Origami fan here but, ehi, most of the 1st half was Solid™, Outstanding® and possibly the Best Thing this series has ever offered.
    The 2nd – save Zombie Origami – was meh though.

  • algorithm says:

    What happened to Marina Inoue? Tohka was already annoying enough with her needy pet antics but now this is just awful.

    As far as Origami is concerned she’s actually worth some screentime if they show her freak side without restrain.