Couldn’t Be a Hero #11 — Wherein They Find the Budget Again

December 14th, 2013


At least someone’s trying… sort of?

There. All caught up finally. At least until the next time something inside me decides it wants to visit the outside world.


The pacing was a little off the charts this week, mainly coming out in not one, but two fights concluded off-screen, but with practically every other show currently stuck in padding mode at the moment, and the rest of the episode actually doing something, I can think of so very many ways it could have been so much worse. If the whole show had been like this and the opening episode, I’m sure I’d feel a lot more well-disposed towards it. Alas for the last two months. Aaand I guess this show’s one trick pony of “All large organizations are secretly eeeeevil!” is starting to run a bit thin. This whole thing would honestly work a lot better if it was just a bunch of fringe crazies instead of them trying to play it off like the clowns and crew are rebels against The Man. Especially where Airi is concerned. I was never under the impression that all the demons just up and vanished from the entire world, so this newfound uncontrollable rage against all things demon is just a taaad manufactured, but at least not dwelt upon overly long.

Still far from what I’d call impressive, but a competent enough mix of action, drama, and light-heartedness (I certainly wouldn’t go so far as to call it comedy) without over-emphasis on any one part weighing down the rest too badly, besides all the corny crotch and tit shots… or Airi mounting him in grief. Certainly not looking forward to the inevitable hugs, shouting one’s feelings, and other nonsense to come, but they steered shy of that this week. Plus some actual effort put into the action and animation for the first time since around episode 3 too. They did lose/gain some points at the end for how awful Raul’s hair was animated though. It looked like he was wearing a toupee… or was a carrot.

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