Buddy Complex #01 — “Nice Coupling”

December 29th, 2013


Oh Sunrise. You and your attempts at English.

Pre-Air. Real broadcast begins on January 5th, which means episode 2 doesn’t air until Sunday, January 12th.


At least he doesn’t scream like a stuck pig when giant robots appear. He still made me want to punch him in the face within the first five minutes, but I suppose that’s about 75% that everyone kept narrating what kind of person he was and/or that the only female the exists in the world blushes every time he so much as looks at her, like she ovulates every time she looks upon his manly form. The other 25% can be him going “Girls? Dude, what? What’s girls? I have no idea what you’re talking about as I have no sexual organs,” when his buddy gives the usual “I’m so jealous you’re macking on the most popular girl in school!” speech. 

After that thrilling start, things got a little more exciting, although when the robot power drifts then trips over a school before being outrun by some kid on a bicycle who he can’t hit with a giant energy spear, I found myself being taken out of it a little, shall we say? Of course, the female had a pink robot too. Women, am I right? And then she reveals he’s the mythical destined godchild that will save the future, so they travel through a giant portal where they blow up and he wakes up in a giant robot in the middle of a fight with his destined BFF. Yeah. I’ve had mornings like that too after too much gin.

As Sunrise goes, this Dual-esque ripoff but without any fun (not prepared to rule out the misogyny yet though!) isn’t exactly immortal body-stealing vampire cliffhanger level. Aoba and Hina were the only two of the characters I’d expect to see again, and neither has much of a personality to make me care about them. Also, while I’m sure I’m going to regret saying this once a bunch of other shows start airing and really displaying lazy action and attempts at hooks, the chase scene wasn’t great. A lot because of the aforementioned silliness, but also because it was really just kind of cartoony despite it obviously trying to take itself seriously.

So we end with the ever-lazy critical statement of “could have been a lot worse, but certainly could have been a lot better.” I doubt this episode’s going to set anybody’s loins on fire for the show, especially because it really only got as far as “generic kid, the destined one, tossed into future world with mecha, pilots one” something I feel like they could have probably skipped entirely, losing only a lot of pointless exposition about him and painful declarations that he’s Jesus/John Connor.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    So… how bad is the male lead in the Ichika scale? Anything close to 80+% will cause me to drop this IMMEDIATELY.

    • flamerounin says:

      maybe you mean, how bad the male lead in the Haruto Tokushima scale. i’d say around 70%

      At least, they’ve got some NICE COUPLING :v

  • The Phantom says:

    Was checking it, and it seems like a gay version (lol) of a mecha show.

    Dual was 1000% times better than this gay shit.