Blood Lad #11 — I am a Cat

December 5th, 2013


The joke that never gets old.


See. He’s not really a person. He’s a cat. That uses wagahai as his pronoun. Hilarity ensues. Now you can enjoy this slice of referential Japanese humor as much as I did.

It really drives home how much pointless chatter there is in these shows when it’s all reduced to textbox telepathy. God help this episode if that was instead all spoken. It would have lasted two or three times longer, especially the fight, which amazingly enough, they put a little effort into. Only about thirty seconds worth of effort, but that’s thirty seconds I certainly can’t say were invested into either IS or DaL’s episodes, and forty seconds more actual choreography than KlK’s seen in at least a month. Oh, standards. Where have you gone?

Besides a slightly larger budget, longer length, and obnoxious nasally cat person, it was just kind of another episode though, centered around the introduction of a new set of characters, which is exceptionally bizarre for something coming three months after the rest as essentially a bonus episode. I can only assume it was part of some gestapo-like directive that they must adapt whatever comes immediately next in the source whether or not it makes an iota of sense to start/stop there. They didn’t even bother to play up the cowgirl costume fetish side of things either, lazily tossing in just a couple shots of Fuyumi’s thighs and making a mooing sound when he lassoed her.

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  • kenuran says:

    See? You saw the best bit of action this show’s ever done. Thats gotta mean something.