Yozakura Quartet #07 — The Return of the Panty Shots

November 17th, 2013


What’s amazing is that they put one in for Kotoha too.


You know, there’s making exposition interesting, and then there’s sending people hurtling through hyperspace surrounded by space wolves as they plummet down from the sky. Ye lords, I have no idea what they were thinking for that brief little moment. It was like taking the typical spash background and dialing it up to 15. Especially weird since the action wasn’t great this episode, so the effort could have definitely been put to better use somewhere else. Although if they did, it’d probably just be thinking up some other way to crowbar in Ao’s panties. The just-barely-onscreen-during-one-of-the-few-moments-she-was-awake-and-standing was an impressive display of crowbarring already.

Unfortunately, this also suffers a bit from Enjin being the eternal villain of the series, which means that every single iteration of the show feels the need to make sure we know who he is, and since we’re onto the third, yet another ‘shocking’ introduction to him is ground a bit too treaded. It was very much a digest version, especially compared to what most shows like to drone on about, but still something I feel like it could have glossed over a bit more for now if they wanted to try to keep the already extremely stretched out month-long evening at least a little more exciting. 

At least he had the unusual wherewithal for an anime villain to bring a conventional backup boxcutter for stabbing, even if that scene could have also used a punch to the face or something so Akina wasn’t shocked and then pass out from a covert stab in the scroll which he shouldn’t have even felt, but that corny cliche is hardly limited to anime. Didn’t earn any points for getting the snot kicked out of him afterwards though. You know, anime, it’s okay for characters to put up a fight and still be totally outmatched. Yeah, I get that it was the protagonists all being emotionally charged and in super-pissed mode, but this is also supposed to be the main antgonist here. Let him at least put up some kind of fight instead of being effortlessly splattered by each cast member in turn.

Next Episode:

Eiji in the big city.

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4 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sonicsenryaku says:

    “What’s amazing is that they put one in for Kotoha too”

    Kotoha has been getting panty shots since the first ep my friend.

    In regards to Eijin, he isnt particular strong per se. When it really comes down to it, he cant put up a fight against high tier demons like orges or word-users; he’s actually pretty weak. What makes eijin so menacing is his cunning, his ability to let living beings “fall”, and the satori qualities he has possessesfrom possessing Gin. Physically, he’s not strong so its not any surprise that he would get his ass whooped.

  • rufe says:

    Um…was most of that fight not just an illusion as they pounded on that poor teddy bear?