Yozakura Quartet #06 — Dragon Girl vs the Super Newts

November 10th, 2013


That would make a great band name.


Well, better than last week I guess, although I still don’t know why this was stretched out to three episodes (or more!). Or why they keep splitting it in the weirdest spots. You’d think overcoming her insecurity or whatever and summoning the lightsaber lightspear superweapon and destroying the entire supernewt squad in one attack would mean the end of the fight is imminent, but no, apparently not. Maybe they could have Kyousuke stop flashing back all the time. Or Touko shouting helplessly in the corner. Or Akina shouting out his attack name each time just to get punched in the face when he does. They could have also taken a lesson from the Flash and maybe not had Eiji using his super speed to jog. Which is it? Super speed or a casual jog? Or suddenly jumped the gun from one supernewt that they spent the last episode and a half struggling with all the way to a dozen of them disposed and then extra dragon disposed all in about the last five minutes.

There were a few flashes of the kind of competent action from the OVA series (or even a little bit earlier this season too), but too brief to be exciting. Mostly in Kyousuke getting slammed into lightposts. Less so the honestly kind of weird flurry between Eiji and Hime where the camera was pretty much shoved between them and all you could see was an arm or body taking up the whole screen. At the end of the day though, we’re still fighting the exact same thing as we did at the end of last week without anything I’d call eyecandy or particularly exciting along the way, so it’s hard to feel much in the way of progression or time well spent.

Next Episode:

More posing.

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  • grunty says:

    It is 4 episodes. And I’m still betting on a Hoshi no Umi recap in the last one. =P Ep 9-10 are “6/1”, the next arc. I guess the last 2 or 3 will be “Hana no Uta”