Valvrave #17 — Inefficient Engines

November 7th, 2013


No wonder they’re losing.


What a dull episode. It occurs to me that the whole memory thing is probably their way of addressing that whole "corps of invulnerable, selfish vampire teenagers invade the planet and destroy everything that gets in their way," thang. But since the way they’re doing it is "There’s consequences! See? We killed a pointless side character! The consequences for the main characters that may or may not happen due to the magical dongles but sure as hell are angsting them up is increasing!" Sure, it’s a step above many other things, light novels come to mind, who go on and on about how all these dark powers and voluptuous women rubbing their janglies on things are a horrible curse, but only marginally.

Thus end the positive things I have to say for this episode, and even that’s being generous. Most of it was just Haruto overcoming his angst and deciding to fight… again. I think we’re up to about 10 times now. His best moment was trying to hit Elfy and not even reaching him. Luckily, Elfy stuck his hand out and caught Haruto’s fully extended fist in front of him so he didn’t fall on his face. That would have made him look stupid. I guess some of the antagonists I couldn’t keep straight were busy reminiscing too. They were second fiddle to the sub run on the memories of busty teenage girls in skintight suits. It’s seriously getting ever closer to the antagonists eating orphans just to show how evil they are. I guess that’s one way to keep Team Invincible Supervampire seeming like the good guys. Shouldn’t they be using the elderly though? Or at least middle aged people? I question the efficiency of their brain farming practices, especially considering that you can apparently get enough power to destroy several armadas out of one brainless moron.

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  • algorithm says:

    “We killed a pointless side character!”

    Only took them 17 episodes. You know you’ll be bored next week too.

    “Most of it was just Haruto overcoming his angst and deciding to fight… again.”

    Sounds like Accel World.

    “I think we’re up to about 10 times now.”

    Definitely Accel World.