Unbreakable Machine Doll #07 — Robot Vampire Werewolves

November 18th, 2013


They probably have jetpacks too.


Does this show really have to be this dark? No, I’m not talking about the sentient robot wolves powered by blood, which makes them practically robot vampire werewolves. I mean the poor lighting. Well, I’m pretty sure that’s to make it easier on the artists. Don’t need to bother with finer details like shading when nobody can see anything anyway! Or maybe there’s just a shortage of brightly colored (digital) paint. It makes the action difficult to even make out, which is likely the point, I suppose. I know I mentioned this last week too, but they really need to stop grievously wounding Raishin every single episode. Or at least mix things up in some way that doesn’t involve Yaya screaming over him every single time. At the absolute very least, make up your mind whether we’re taking it seriously or going to be using it to have her comically bargain to the heavens.

Anyway, I guess it’s still tooling right along. That boring kind of competent that didn’t do anything horrible or well enough to note, besides, like I said, being impenetrably poorly lit. Not quickly enough or action-packed enough to be genuinely exciting, or maybe more accurately, still with entirely too much blatant boring infodumping, but nowhere near as slow or obnoxious as many other shows of its ilk. Without the OP this week (well, at the start of the episode at least), I had completely forgotten that Komurasaki, who would have originally seemed like she’d be an integral part of this arc given her introduction at the start of it and all, even existed until about two minutes from the end when they explicitly brought her up. 

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    So yaya could also turn herself invisible? I thought that was the little girl ability, then what is the little girl good for then?.

  • Sanjuro says:

    His instant failure sure made MC-kun look cool and capable.

  • The Phantom says:

    Uggh I’m probably going back to check again stuff I overlooked, I’m watching so few shows this season… I need moar anime, will probably watch anything (but freezing) what is a good show airing right now that is not blogged here?

    Currently watching: Strike the blood, Machine doll, Magi, Monogatari, Tokyo Ravens, Could not be a hero, Stratos.

    Interested in: Kyousougiga, White Album 2, Coppelion, Galile Dona, Blazblue, Arpeggio, Romanze, Golden Time.

    Thanks for any suggestion.

    • Atmo says:

      Outbreak Company for a more serious delving into “modern time boy who goes to a fantasy world and lives a fantasy life”, as political affairs really matters here (at least on the first and second episodes).

      How Golden Time is going?

  • algorithm says:

    The eyepatch is actually a useful item. Aside from that a boring episode and a boring review.