Unbreakable Machine Doll #05 — Master of Traps

November 4th, 2013


Even with the time change, it’s too early for my ears to deal with Yaya.


Back to not terribly interesting setup, mostly centered around new character introductions. You can just… you know… introduce characters organically instead of having the locks drop down around the segments with the blazing letters of heaven engraved upon them "ZE CHARACTER INTRO GOES HERE. NOTHING ELSE MUST HAPPEN DURING THESE SCENES." At least it feels like they’ve toned down Yaya’s chirpy, insecure shouting slightly. Not nearly enough, and especially the insecure part. They probably mean for it to be endearing or funny or something, but instead has about the same effect as rubbing a balloon. And about the same sound too.

This time, it’s featuring an expert assassing and master of traps, which I feel like I need to qualify has nothing to do with crossdressing. She comes from the school of the "no personality whatsoever is cute," so you can already guess how big a fan I am. She’s also likely functionally mentally handicapped. The other newbie shows up with about four minutes left and is basically a younger, somehow less shrill version of Yaya who turns invisible, which is apparently important for exploring completely deserted areas. Especially when it doesn’t even work. 

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Atmo says:

    Frey is everything you said, but that scene where she traps herself is more interesting (to me) in the manga, as it is really easy to cut her throat (come on, she is an assassin, that’s what you do when one of them fails to kill you!

    Of course i wouldn’t kill her at first, but… And those flashbacks are getting me on the nerves.

  • The Phantom says:

    New character is absolutely annoying, I was expecting her retardness to be fake, and attempt to kill MC once he had his guard down but it seems that she is actually like that, for real… and on top of that an assassin wtf…

  • algorithm says:

    Yaya is Aroduc’s wife. Why is Aroduc watching shows about other girls than Yaya? Aroduc should only watch shows about Yaya. Why is Aroduc writing about other girls than Yaya? Aroduc should only be writing about Yaya.