The Air Conditioner Saga #08 — Just Like the ED, Only 13 Times Longer!

November 22nd, 2013


Is the rest of this show going to be about air conditioners?


Remember how Walmart was evil for whoring out their female employees and making a big spectacle of things? Clearly not. At least they still have the slavery and murder to fall back on, at least until someone reveals what’s really been going into the hot dogs. I don’t even understand what they thought the draw of this episode was supposed to be. See the girls in bikinis, just like you do in the ED, but in less provocative poses! And for 20 minutes instead of 1.5! And check out this industrial sized air conditioner! I’m just glad that the misunderstanding about airflames or whatever only lasted about three minutes.

Yeah, I’ve pretty much given up on Fridays this season. Freezing’s lack of regular gouging and comical eyecatches has made it somewhat pedestrian as of late, and Air Conditioners hasn’t really tried to do anything at all since around episode 3.

Next Episode:

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    Yes I’m also disappointed with this show, is like there is noting else in this show and the plot was done in three episodes or less.

    The other show about the working demon lord was much better done. Anyway I’m regretting the choices I made at the beginning, maybe Kyousougiga, Coppelion or Galilei Dona had more to offer than this, will try to retake one of those.

    • Flip Porter says:

      I don’t know about kyousougiga but Coppelion gets a bit better later on in my opinion.

      Galilei Donna would be better if they were more directly related to the famous person. Galilei would be tolerable if not for the fact that no suspension of disbelief brings Galileo in line with giant floating fishes and revolutionary information from the moon we couldn’t find by actually visiting it.

  • Fate says:

    Sadly none of those shows are any good either.